Colocation 15 m²

KG 184
KG 184 colocation


We are currently looking for another person to join our home!
the room will be available from the first of February until ...
you will live with three other persons which in this case would be me and two other girls.
we are all students and very social people and want to make everyone feel at home here.
so if you are social you will fit right in!

the room itself is 15²m and has just been renovated.
there is a shared living room and kitchen, and we have 2 bathrooms.

the Korenmarkt (city center) is 6 min away by bike, the nearest bus stop is just at the corner of the street and the tram is just 50 meters away.
the rent is 390€ and utility 40€.

IMPORTANT: if you are interested please send a description of yourself, and we'd love to meet you at our home!

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